Direction To Pay
This form is a Direction To Pay. It allows payment from the insurance company to be issued directly to the shop. Also understand this DTP is required so that your vehicle may be released upon completion of repairs.
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Repair Authorization
This is a Repair Authorization form. It authorizes the repairs that are going to be done to your vehicle.You must read the entire form and it must be signed before any repairs are started.
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Accident Report Form
Do you know the type of information you should collect at the scene of an accident?  Be prepared.  Print this form and keep it in your car for future use.
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Commonwealth of Mass Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report

This is the police report that is required by your insurance company to be filled out with all the necessary accident information. After completing the report, copies must be forwarded to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Insurance Agency or Insurance Company directly and to the local police station where the accident occurred.